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The Department of Servant Resources is tasked with encouraging and equipping our Oregon District members to serve as leaders and enriching each individual member to serve our Lord with gladness, according to His plan.

We are blessed with two committees: Leader Development and Structure Committee.

Leader Development provides ideas, techniques and resources to promote leadership.

Structure committee maintains our Bylaws and Standing Rules for the Oregon District and each Zone and Society.

Enjoy reading each Hug in A Mug! Click on the images to view or download the documents.

2024 JUNE LWML OD HUG 16307-hebrews-13-8-sq.jpg

   Hug in a Mug ~ June  2024


   Hug in a Mug ~ April  2024

2024 May LWML HUG-001 PICTURE.jpg

   Hug in a Mug ~ May  2024

2024-03 Hug Picture.jpg

   Hug in a Mug ~  March  2024

Luther Seal_edited FEB HUG 2024.jpg

   Hug in a Mug ~  February  2024

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