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LWML Oregon District Mission Grants

2022-2024 Biennium

Goal = $100,000

The Mission Grant goal for the 2022-2024    Biennium has been                    reached.                  Praise the Lord!

2022~2024 LWML Oregon District Mission Grants
Mission Grant Goal for 2022-2024 is $100,000.
$75,000 for Oregon District Mission Grants, with $25,000 for LWML. 

Mites gathered for the 2024-2026 biennium: $36,833.00

Funded Grants are Highlighted in green!
1 Bibles-SpanishSpeakingFamilies.jpg

Bibles for Oregon’s Spanish-Speaking Families, $5,000

2. church-of-the-resurrection-clipart-1EasterSUNDAY.jpg

Bringing Spanish Braille Bibles to Central and South America, $6,500

3 Mercy Church plant-Latin Amer.jpg

Connecting Mercy & Church Planting – Latin America, $5,000 

4 Dominican Republic.jpg

Dominican Republic Disability Ministry: God’s Word and Jesus’ Love Transforming Lives for His Kingdom, $6,500

5 Haitian Children.jpg

Feeding Haitian Children Physically and Spiritually, $6,500

6 Aid Latino Children.jpg

Financial Aid Funds for Latino Children, $6,000

7 Food,Clothing Co-Op.jpg

Financial Assistance for Concordia Theological Seminary (Fort Wayne) Campus Food and Clothing Co-op, $5,000 

8 International StudentsA.jpg
8 International StudentsB.jpg

International Students: Making Jesus Known Throughout the World, $4,500

9 Kruse Memorial Chapel.jpg

Kruse Memorial Chapel Transformation, $4,000

10 Matongo Seminary Chapel.jpg

Matongo Seminary Chapel, $5,000

Help for Remote churches in the high desert of Eastern Oregon

Oregon’s High Desert Church’s Restoration, $6,500

12 Serving Families.jpg

Serving Families – Growing God’s Kingdom, $6,500

13 Shelter (MOST).jpg

Shelter From the Storm (MOST Ministries), $5,000

14 Wilderness Youth Camp.jpg

Wilderness Trails Christian Youth Camp Sponsorships for Foster/at-risk Kids in Southern Oregon, $4,000

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