2020~2022 Mission Grant Goal = $97,020


2020~2022 LWML Oregon District Mission Grants

Mission Grant Goal for 2020-2022 is $97,020.

$72,765 for Oregon District Mission Grants, with $24, 255 for LWML. 

Funded Grants are Highlighted in green!

Bridge of Hope CARE Pantry Expansion, $5,500  

A Bridge to Jesus – the SSS Soccer Clinic and Beyond, $6,000  

Bringing Christ’s Light to Those Living in Darkness, $6,500  

Carrying Christ into the Heart of the Hispanic Home, $6,500  

Equipping People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to Sing, Tell, Declare His Marvelous Deeds, $6,500

Expanding the Dominican Republic Disability Ministry as God’s Word and Jesus’ Love is Shared, $6,500  

Filling Haitian Tummies Opens Ears     to the Gospel, $5,000  

Mite Totals
March 31, 2022


Received 2020-2022 Biennium:
Mites needed to reach our Mission Grant Goal ~ ZERO


100% of all mite offerings go to fund Mission Grants!

Financial Assistance for Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana Food and Clothing Co-Op to Purchase Food, $5,000  

Healing Spaces, $6,500  

Project “GO” (Gospel Outreach) – Share Jesus, $2,957.50 (partial funding)

Safeguarding our School Children, $6,350  

 Support for Concordia Seminary’s  International Graduate School     Students, $2,957.50 (partial funding)

Taking the Gospel to B.C. North, $6,500  

       Exciting News!           The Mission Grant Goal was exceeded by $5,143.87

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