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LWML would like to announce a new way to give called: Donate Your Change. 


                                   Think of it as an Electronic Mite Box

Donate Your Change is a quick and easy app that rounds up your spare change to the nearest dollar what you don't spend on a regular purchase. You connect your preferred card to the app. and make a purchase with that card, as normal. Invest your change in your organization(s) of choice.  For example, I may buy a coffee with my preferred card and spend $3.80. Donate Your Change automatically donates the remaining 20 cents to my preferred organization, LWML. There is no cost in setting up the app. Anyone with a debit or credit card can set it up. The user is in control of how much money is rounded up to be donated and in control of where the money goes. 

This opportunity has went through a security screening process in order to be approved for integration and to access bank and credit card companies by Digital, Inc., a leading software security and quality consulting firm. So you know your financial information is encrypted, private, and secured.

To learn more, visit: www.DonateYourChange.com

Isn’t it amazing to think of the difference your spare coins from shopping can make? During the 2018-2020 Biennium, Oregon District LWML has provided shoes for homeless students, scholarships for Latino students to attend Trinity Lutheran School, helped to expand the ministry to intellectually and developmentally challenged teenagers in the Dominican Republic, helped to expand post-abortion counseling, provided mentoring for Alaska Native teen leaders, and more!  But our giving is not complete; we still have five remaining grants to fund.

Read about all the grants selected:




Mites can be sent, either by your society or by you, to:
Connie Adams
P. O. Box 2918
Oregon City, OR 97045