Gospel Outreach

“I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one

of the least of these brothers (or sisters!)

of Mine, you did for Me!”

Matthew 25:40

The Gospel Outreach Department is made up of two committees:

the Gospel Outreach Committee and the Mission Servants Committee.

Gospel Outreach Committee

The Gospel Outreach committee has the opportunity to evaluate all the Mission Grant proposals and make recommendations to the Oregon District Board of Directors, so the Mission Grant proposals may be voted on at the Oregon District Conventions. The committee also informs LWML members as to when grants are funded and what is taking place in the mission field. 

Human Care Committee-Mission Servants

The Human Care Committee is now called Mission Servants. The purpose of the committee remains the same. They are charged with encouraging sensitivity in women toward those who are hurting and in need in the church, community and world.  They strive to provide hands-on resources for assistance and comfort to others and reach out to the underprivileged and underserved in our communities. 

Heart Shape Cookie Cutter
 Pictures and Descriptions of 2018-2020 Mission Grants

The mission grant: Financial Aid Funds for Latino Children to Attend Trinity Lutheran School, was funded on September 8th. The children and principal of the school, in Portland, are pictured here with Liz Bier, VP of Gospel Outreach.

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