Mission Grants in Action

Enjoy two videos sharing the story of two funded LWML Oregon District Mission grants from the 2018-2020 Biennium. Your mites in ACTION!

Mentoring Alaska Native        Teen Leaders

 Lutheran Indian Ministries.

Expanding the Disability Ministry in the Dominican Republic as God's Word and Jesus Love is Shared

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Lutheran Latino Ministries is an RSO based in Woodburn, Oregon. Our called and commissioned Deaconess Marta Luna works with women and families doing home evangelism and human care ministries. We have long enjoyed the support of the Oregon District LWML, zones, and societies.

The Willamette Zone Gathering held at Hope Lutheran Church in Woodburn on March 12, 2022 was focused on providing assistance for Deaconess Marta's ministry. When she makes her home visits she likes to take something for the children and the family. Zone President Karen Clark wanted to do an activity that would raise awareness of Deaconess Marta's ministry and provide something to help her and asked what would be helpful..  For the zone ingathering Deaconess Marta requested women's socks, lip gloss/balm, stress balls, earrings, coloring books, crayons, note pads and pens. The  Oregon District of the Lutheran Layman's League provided children's books in both Spanish and English. Artist Carol Harms (Grace Women, Molalla, OR) designed scripture coloring cards on verses chosen by Deaconess Marta.

During the gathering attendees learned about the bicultural ministry at Hope and about Deaconess Marta's ministry. We filled 80 'ministry bags' for Deaconess Marta to take into homes to share the Gospel. "The people were so happy!" she reported. "I told them that a group of ladies, mostly retired, wants you to know God loves you, and they [the ladies] love you."  One family hosted a gathering of neighborhood children for Bible study where they received the bags. It was so successful that the mom said she will invite more children.

Eighty ministry bags will multiply the spread of the Gospel through the ministry of Deaconess Marta Luna with Lutheran Latino MInistries.

Short Term Mission Trip in the Dominican Republic
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A team of eleven ( you may recognize some of the members) arrived in the Dominican Republic on January 26, 2019 for eight days to assemble, decorate and install acoustic tiles at the Mercy Center in Palmar Arriba. Spending time with the residents of the Good Shepherd Group Home was a privilege enjoyed by each member of the team. The kids participated in many of the team's activities and graced us all with their hugs and smiles. 

The team visited the Happy Angels Home for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Hospital. These two institutions are known as "Kilometer 28."

In Hebrews 13:1 we are instructed to "Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters." Sharing Christ's love was the primary purpose of the trip. All the people in the Dominican Republic, that the team encountered, shared an unconditional warmth and kindness. The team was truly blessed by this opportunity to serve our Lord.